This project is developed and built using Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition and wxWidgets (2.8.9 Unicode).

Getting the source code

The source code can be retrieved directly from the Subversion repository or can be downloaded as a tarball. On the SVN repository, the trunk folder contains the development version, while the branches folder contains the stable versions that have been officially released.


wxWidget must be built in Unicode as a Multi-threaded (/MT option). This page provides some very good information on how to build wxWidgets.

Required environment variables

In order to build the project, you must set one WXWIN environment variable, which points to your wxWidgets folder (eg C:\wxWidgets-2.8.9). Follow this link for some information on how to do that.

Supported OS

Currently, Appetizer can only be built under Windows (tested under XP only). It also builds under Linux with a few tweaks but the interface will not render properly due to differences in the way wxImage and wxBitmap are handled. No tests have been done on Mac OS X although it is possible that it will work under this OS.