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It appears as though Appetizer sets it's own directory to the current working directory. Because of this, some applications that look within a specific path under the working dir (most autohotkey stuff, the Arduino IDE, some other apps) can't launch successfully.

-ZachHudock Developer

Actually, before launching the application, Appetizer sets the working directory to the application directory, so as to avoid the sort of issue you describe. I've just done a quick test with a simple AHK (compiled) script that I've launched from Appetizer, and it's working fine for me:

msgbox %A_WorkingDir%

Could you post here an example of autohotkey file that doesn't work for you? It would definitely be useful.



Actually, the AHK stuff seems to be working correctly now, but the Arduino IDE still does not launch properly.

It's not a hotkey file, but I had the same problem trying to launch Microsoft Money 98.

best regards.