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Great program. I'm wanting to replace our Novell Application Launcher and this looks very close.
But there's a couple of additions that would help a lot.

1. Domain integration. For example: if a user is a member of a domain, then they get these additional icons.

2. Icon titles. We often have 3 icons the same for each application for production, test and training. I know we can hover the mouse over the icon, but a title would be easier for our users to understand.

Hi, regarding the domain integration, there are two things you may be able to do to get it working:

1. Use the /u parameter to redirect each user to a different profile depending on their domain (Start Appetizer with the /? option to see the list of possible arguments)

2. Or create a plugin that add or remove icons depending on the user's domain. I may be able to give you a hand with that if you need to.

There will be an option to display the titles below the icons in the next version.