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I like the idea of the tools menu that is closed, but would it be possible to either put the multi-launch on the border, like close and eject, or make a special item that opens multi-launch? I know I can run it at start-up, but I would rather wait and then run them when want. Just an idea. Keep up the great work!

Now that the new beta lets me leave the menu open, this isn't necessary. Cool. And thanks!

additional suggestions
1) display dos icons - eg default(as seen in windows explorer) that is used by windows for bat files.
2) enable to select all and delete - workaround - delete xml file
3) scroll bar to display those not in window, when click the down, it only list the next rather than next "page"/set

1) custom background option- selection of image file eg background
2) shortcut text name only option
3) system tray , task bar , clock and date- ie to replace window shell and object dock