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I just tried Appetizer 1.3.2 and it works like a charm except for one thing, each time I close a session or shutdown Windows I get the following error:

dwwin.exe - DLL Initialization Failed -
The application failed to initialize because the window station is shutting down.

I tried both version the setup and the portable and I get the same error. If I close Appetizer before shutdown this error doesn't appear. ANy solution for this?

Thanx in advance for any help.

The error doesn't appear anymore with v1.4.3 but now Appetizer take almost a minute to close and this annoying delay is also reproduced at windows shutdown.

That's strange, Appetizer is quite fast to close for me. Where are you saving your settings? Is on a USB key, or maybe a network drive? Also how many shortcuts do you have on the dock?

Thanks for reply Laurent,

I'm using it on my pc in a common internal HD, I've 32 shortcuts in six groups on the dock. This only happen when I shutdown or close the user session, no problem at all if I close appetizer manualy. Like I said the error message only appear with v1.3.2, with v1.4.3 appetizer does not produce any error message but it retard almost a minute the shutdown. Really strange. I'm running appetizer on a WINXP SP3, 512RAM, services configured to my needs (a lot disabled to gain some resources)

Just another detail, in v1.4.3.103 Beta if I want to close appetizer from the tray (right clic on icon=>close) I need to do it twice otherwise appetizer don't close. This doesn't happen if I close it pressing X in the launcher.