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Here's what i was wanting to tile the center part for.

By [URL=]newdragonmage[/URL]

ok that didn't work.][IMG]

lmao, fine then

Maybe now...

Was this what you were trying to do? :P
BBCode won't work in this forum, html does.

That's right - you need to use HTML tags in this forum. So the syntax is < img src="" >, which should give:

Nice skin! It shouldn't be too hard to allow tilling so I'll have a look at it. I think there should be one "tile.png" element which would be drawn repetively on top of the background. I'll post here when it's done.

You see why I wanted the scrolling ability?

Hi, I've just uploaded version 1.3, which includes support for tilable background. I've also made several changes to the skin system to simplify it, so it should now be much easier to create new skins. I'm going to a new one myself when I have some time.

So now the full skin background, including the option panel, is in "MainBackground.png". To make a tilable background, you can now edit the file "IconOverlayInactive.png" - this picture will be drawn behind each icon. Also the button skin as well as the icon overlay skin are now optional.

Basically, to create a new skin, copy and paste the Data/Skin/Default folder and rename it. Then start editing the files in there. If you need to edit additional files such as the icon overlays or the button icons, just copy and paste them from Data/Skin/Base.

And if you need some more information, feel free to post here!