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hi. i have a questions.
i want to create program folder in appetizer main folder for my portable programs. but i cant find a data with appetizer main folder path name to create a program shortcut . an example: in total commander i create a shortcut "%COMMANDER_PATH%\.......exe" in total commander path. you can add a variable for to add shortcut in your program like "%appetizer_path%".

I'm going to update the way variables work in the next version to make it easier to add new variables. I'll add an $(AppetizerPath) variable and maybe some others.

In the meantime, the best thing you can do is to type-in the full path to Appetizer - i.e. $(Drive)\path\to\appetizer
Then when the next version is released you could do a search and replace in FolderItems.xml and replace all the instances of "$(Drive)\path\to\appetizer" with $(AppetizerPath)