Very nice and practical small program, but must be terrible RAM leaking in it. On my Vista it use 8M on start, than it goes to 14M, as I have only 25 icons on it. On first start for unknown reason it went on 45M of RAM!
Is this correctable?
I use Total Commander with more than hundred icons on Button Bar
and it use 4M of RAM...

With regard!


Thanks for the feedback! Visual C++ Express doesn't detect any memory leaks, but there might indeed be something wrong with the caching of icons. I'll do some tests to see if I can reproduce it.

Yeah RAM usage is one of the most important things and I hope that when considering adding more and more features this is balanced with thoughts on how much more ram this will take. YOu dont want to end up with a resource hungry app. The reason I stay with object dock is because it uses less ram than the others i have tried. If your app becomes more efficient with ram I might change over. But not now

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