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Hello everybody!
Firstly: many a thanks for givin us such a helpful application!
Secondly a question:
when installing Appetizer portable (I always use it, as there is no trouble with registryhacks etc.!) to the PC of my partner, there is an astonishing behaviour: the window of Appetizers comes up minimalized (2 or 3 icons visible) and needs to be streched to the desired size, to see all icons. From then on, it will remember this and comes up from tasktray with the preferred size up to the moment, when she closes and restarts Windows. Then remembrance of the preferred last size of the window is gone with the wind?
It has to have resize the window to the preferred size again, and the game will go on correctly - for this session.
Deinstallation and reinstalling didn't show a change of behaviour, nor did some lines I dropped in the settings.xml like: "WindowsHeight <720>" / "~Width <120>".
This is the same installation-file (Appetizer 1.4 - ZIP Package) running luckily on a laptop and two PCs of mine,... same OS (XP SP3).
Anyone with some help or hint, how to correct this behaviour?
.......>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Hey!!!
Just looked for the lines I put in "settings.xml" to cite their correct code - looked on my PC - and: there is a "Window.xml" !!!
This just is the lack of it! There's no such xml-file with my Partners >Appetizer/Data/Settings !!
OK! I will try to give it a "Window.xml" and have a report on the changes here - may be there are some users which can benefit from it.
Nevertheless: where deadlocked that file? Mysterious ... ;)
So long and, please: don't blame me for eatin up space unnecessarily!!