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Hello Laurent,

I have 2 feature request mr. Laurent for appetizer:

1. ability to hide the appetizer notification tray icon -
i'm using appetizer as my program launcher for portable qdir (filemanager), my workflow is run the file-manager then open appetizer there, that why i want it to hide the tray icon so that it seems to be a part of the filemanager.

2. ability to expand the groups to show all the application in the group -
this would optimize the work flow, instead of 2 clicks, one in the group and the other is the application, you just need a click to start any application.
i found a similar application that does this but its a mac application called bevy,, maybe you can get some inspiration from this, i cant find anything similar for windows.

here is a review of bevy -

the idea is improve the function of group of appetizer, maybe add the ability to have keyboard shortcut and a search engine on the top right side of appetizer.