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Hello to the forum from Dierk, Germany!
Yesterday I made my first trial with securizer/ccrypt plugin of Appetizer: wanted to encrypt a pendrive-stick, which goes to school every day with my wife, partially...
First I read - with low level of understanding, as I'm only a poor "user" - Peter Selingers FAQ on ccrypt. Second I added a line to the settings of securizer plugin: [$(Drive)\RsZuflucht\], as this
was the path to the folder to be encrypted, I hoped in my understanding of Selingers leads.

What happened when shutting down Appetizer? Well, I assume, all the defaults in securizer/ccrypt - they come like $(Drive)*\.doc etc. - will be worked off for encryption after typing in the passphrase.
All equivalents within a folder "PortableApps" e.g. And as Appetizers "Data"-folder too lies there in the "root" of the stick, ccrypt will outlock itself. !!?

Maybe one or another hint for simple users like me would be nice in preventing trouble not beeing able to restart/start new with Appetizer, but have to kick off the whole program and reinstall two times or even more up to the point, where one get knowledge of what's the problem really is...
At the end I hope not been telling nonsense to you, as I have to reinstall the second time...
Wrote this lines after a glance onto/into the stick from "workspace" and finding encrypted files everywhere I never expected/wanted to encrypt.
Best regards,

!!Thanks for Appetizer - really a must-have for a clear Desktop and fast startup of nearly everything!!