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I noticed Appetizer currently adds a small arrow to the bottom of the window screen when you add more icons then the application window can actually hold. Which allows you to open a small, fly-out list window, of the other application icons.

I had the idea of adding two arrow icons on the bottom left and right within the Appetizer window. Once clicked, the screen "slides" to reveal another set of application icons. Each Icon screen can then perhaps be assigned it's own background wallpaper, similar to how virtual desktops have their own background wallpapers. Each Icon 'screen set' can then be identified by the differing background images. The background images can be optional. This would allow unlimited application icon sets to be added, and keep the program window size to a modest level and be a lot more fun to use.

This idea came to me after thinking about the iPhone screen sliding feature. When you swipe your finder across the screen, like turning a page, it slides to a new page instead. Also how the Windows start menu "All Programs" list in Vista opens within the same window, no pop-out or fly-out windows.

It would also be nifty to be able to specify actual icon sizes instead of just small, large, and xlarge within the Appetizer config settings.

I like the idea, I think this would make the program more productive.
I have a hard time moving the icons from the pop out menu into the confined area, where I keep all my other application icons. So this technique would alliterative that issue. Plus it's nice eye candy as well.

I was posting on my own comment above, I forgot to log in. Just an update after continued use of Appetizer and how I interacted with the menu.