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I have completed the italian file for Appetizer.
You can download from Here:

Ah, I have to complain about something too.
I have received an email from Laurent about the new translation to do, but my name was strangely associated to Massimo Lauria. Note that I'm not absolutely related to him, and it's prefferrable to remove him from the italian translators of Appetizer. If you don't believe me take a look here:

[List of email addresses has been removed]

This is the header of the message I have received from Laurent to my email address yesterday evening.
I have only copied and pasted it, there are absoluely no tricks, except for the bolded address of course.
I hope Laurent explain this misunderstanding as soon as possible.

In case of problem, look at this
da Laurent
a B
Dark Preacher
Henrik Agersted
Leif Larsson
Marcus Malzer
Massimo Lauria,
Metin Selçuk
Michał Trzebiatowski
Petros Kiladitis
Pieter Kerstens
Tam Vo Le

Hi, thanks for the translation.

Sorry for the confusion with the names. The reason there are two names for the Italian translation is that someone else started it and you then updated the file, and I've then mistakenly inverted the email addresses.


Hello, i have noticed a little typo, please redownload the file.