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Great program and thanks a lot - i find it through

it is easy to use and feature rich. however one thing that would be very good for me would be the ability to minimize the dock to just a tab and then open it by either clicking on tab or hover over it. that way get the convenience of launcher with space saving when not in use but easy to find and access when needed.

thanks for a damn useful program!

I second that. There are few attractive drawer-like launchers out there.

What do you guys mean by "minimizing to a tab"? Do you have an example of app that I could look at?

I have yet to download Appetizer so forgive me if you app already does this. I was going by what was implied by the OP.

I believe the OP and I were referring to apps like ObjectDock+ or sTablauncher where the app is reduced to multiple labeled tabs at an edge of the desktop. With a mouseclick or hover, the selected tab slides away from the screen edge towards center screen exposing the icons contained behind that particular tab. Like opening a drawer. Can be very clean and efficient.

The confusion may be with the word "tab". We're not talking about pages etc.

basically minimize to a tab means the whole bar collapses and all you can see is a rectangle tab shape with an arrow on it - clicking on the tab restores it.

=> In the todo list :)

If this works out it would be a definite wow!

I hope we're not pulling you too far away from your original goals. I know demanding users can do that to a developer.

Well, for now, I'm only keeping track of the various features that have been requested, but I can't promise when (if ever) they'll be implemented. At the moment, I'm focusing on improving and extending the plugin system, so that you guys can eventually implement your own features ;)

Go to configuration -> operations -> and define a hotkey to show/hide the bar (I like ctrl-alt-space). Then you can maximize and minimize with just the keyboard. This is actually better than having to reach for the mouse.