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First, I'd like to thank the developer for this fantastic light-weight launcher. Out of all the launchers I tried, Appetizer comes the closest to perfection and ease.

I would love if Appetizer afforded the ability whereby I can move and organize my icons into groups (not folder groups). Currently, it appears the only way you can re-arrange icons in the box is by dragging and dropping to an auto-align grid. Auto-align makes it difficult to group the icons in a manner I feel comfortable.

With the icons all grouped into one big grid, quickly finding an icon becomes a confusing task.

If I can turn off auto-align and drag the icons into groups, it would create a far greater ease of quickly finding icons you wish to launch. It also would be great if we can add labels that we can drag around, so we can label icon groups we create.

Thanks again for your continued development.

+1 to this request. Don't care for labels for groups, but no auto align, and snap to grid features would be great.

I put together a quick mock-up of my original feature suggestion. Thought it would be better expressed visually. Link below.

If this could be added, it would make Appetizer perfect in the way of customizing a layout anyone can tailor to their own organizational desires.

Please excuse the labels, since they don't exactly match what the icon apps are for. I just basically grabbed some screen captures from the web to try and show something so one can get the jist of this feature request.

Mock-up link-->