Note: due to massive spam issues, the forum registration is now closed. If needed, you may still contact me at the following address:

Dear webmaster, site admin and whoever else is responsible for this forum,

As you can see it is completely possible to post anonymously. This, unfortunately, gives SPAMmers a great way to express themselves. SPAMming here they also SPAM my and probably many other people's RSS readers. Not only this is annoying, but it is very often a good way to spread troians and other malware.

The CAPTCHA I see you have implemented apparently is not enough, because these things are posted by humans. By chance I am using Drupal as well and I had the very same problem. If you restrict posting to registered users only these guys will start registering accounts and will post again. The only way to stop them is to allow admin approved registration only. Yes, I know it's a tough measure, but it is the only one that works.

I am asking you to find a way to stop this SPAM, because otherwise I will have to remove my RSS subscription to this site, and probably I will not be the only one to do it.

Kind Regards,
Spam Hater

You've got a point. I like anonymous posting but the spam is indeed becoming unmanageable, so for now I've disabled anonymous posts.

If admin approved registration becomes necessary, I'll enable that too but I think that's a lot of hassle for such a small forum. I don't know Drupal enough but perhaps there are other ways to prevent spam while allowing anonymous posts.


How about a CAPTCHA?
Oh... done that...