Hello, it's ZachHudock from PortableApps.com

First off, thanks for the great app, i'm using it more and more, and as scripting and plugin capabilities expand im sure i'll use it more.

I was playing with a build from the latest version of the source, and I noticed that the dockItemClick is not sent when a group is clicked, only when an individual shortcut is clicked. Is this the intended behavior, or is it not fully implemented yet, or is it a bug? I would recommend sending the message on group clicked as well, so an action could be initated before the group list is expanded.

Hi Zach,

The reason dockItemClick is not dispatched when a group is clicked is because of a limitation of wxWidgets. Currently, when there are subgroups within a group (i.e. popup menus), wxWidgets doesn't send an event when a submenu is open, so we can't dispatch the dockItemClick either.

To be consistent, I guess we could dispatch it when the icon is clicked directly on the dock though. Technically, it should be quite straightforward. Do you have some sort of plugin in mind? I can give a hand if needed.


I had a plugin in mind at the time, but I forgot what it was now lol.

No problem, let me know if you remember ;)

Really great app