This is absolutely great program for thumbdrive, easy and light.

Thanks, glad you like it :)

Hi Laurent,

How can i open root/base of my thumbdrive? i mean like 'explore' in portableapps..
I already tried to add "New shortcut..." then i select my my case i click "E:" then OK button.
It showed in Appetizer menu. but once click "This file doesn't exist or has been deleted (error unknownMime type)" appear.
glad if u can help.


Hi mzaiemo,

This is a bug I wasn't aware of - I'll fix it for the next release. In the meantime, you can make it work by appending a backslash to the drive letter. i.e. "E:\". Hope that helps.


Thanks for your big help Laurent,

But if i plug my thumbdrive to other pc, and the pc detect my thumbdrive as "D:" drive for example. i'm not sure the little tweak can help.Thank you again.

I am a PortableApps user(but i really like Appetizer). I just install Toucan from into PortableApps folder. Then i run Appetizer. However Appetizer could not detect new program i install in PortabApps folder. I have to use "Import Shortcuts" button. I also notice Appetizer could not "see" folder which has change the folder icon like PortableApps folder.


Yes, a thing be the same way.

Not easy, maybe medium. But I'd like such post)